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Eagle eye focus

We work in 6 neighborhoods in Brooklyn. We understand that you can only do so much before quality begins to suffer. We say no to a lot, to say yes to the relationships that truly matter. By focusing we’re able to provide you and our clients with a unique experience other brokers can’t match.

Each of our agents focuses on only one neighborhood, so they can tell you where the best coffee and where to get the best haircut while also having a birds eye view of that market - they know the vacancies and they know the clientele so they’ll always have a sense how to market your property effectively. Best of all, you can be assured they aren’t worried about making an appointment miles away, their focus is your focus.








Your property is unique, but if no one knows, it doesn’t matter. Citinest Group takes a multifaceted approach, advertising your property on all of the proven channels, holding open houses and spreading the word to our internal network of clients and brokers. We insist on taking professional photos of every property to showcase it, and writing original descriptions to capture its essence.



Sometimes the right client for your property is working with a different broker. We’re never shy about working together with other brokers to connect your property with the right client.


$ Identifying  Value 

We understand you are trying to get the most for your property and we’re here to help. At Citinest we understand how to price your property by considering over 50 variables ranging from number of bathrooms to whether or not your have granite countertops. Our unique neighborhood focus means we know the comparable unit prices and a variety of ways to help you get the deal you deserve.

Thorough Screening

Our focused approach is not only in the areas we choose to work. Citinest Group diligently screens clients within the legal limits considering the following when presenting you with potential clients.

A snapshot of our review:

  • Bank Statements

  • Tax Documents

  • Letters of Employment

We're here to listen

Sit back and relax, Citinest Group handles the paperwork so you don’t have to. From disclosure forms to the lease of your choosing, we ensure that all the necessary forms and contracts are executed, filed & are provided.

Ready to get your property rented?

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