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Don't get lost in the maze

You’re trying to find a home, but its nearly impossible. Everything you’ve seen is just not right and you can’t help but think that you should be getting more for your money. What if there was a different way. What if you knew about all the available places in the areas you were looking. You knew all the places available, all the places about to be available and all the places that just came off the market. You knew all their prices & you knew how to go and see them. You’re imagining the Citinest shortcut.

We know your landlord on a first name basis

Finding homes is a process squarely built on relationships, and we’ve worked hard to cultivate and maintain the relationships that matter when it comes to finding your next home.

Like a kid in a candy shop

We have options for you. Focusing on a few choice neighborhoods and cultivating the relationships we have means we have a lot of places to show you. Don’t like the first place we showed you? Don’t worry we have others.

Just choose

Specialized specialists especially for you


Our agents know the area, they know what you need and they’re here at your service. Got a question, they have the answer. Need to reschedule something, they'll work around your schedule. Their expertise, is your tool. Oh, and they know about that new chic coffee spot around the corner.

Citinest's model ensures clients get the home they love for a competitive price. By focusing in select neighborhoods and leveraging our network of landlords and contacts we are able to charge fair fees. 

What will you do with

your savings?


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